Do you demand anything less?

Your clients don’t. Meeting their needs is what gives you the advantage.

Imagine if nearly every Utah newspaper had a website and you could search each one simultaneously. Instead of just getting webpage text, you would get a full page, often in color, and you get it immediately. The page is totally searchable, electronic text that you can copy, paste or archive for later. Distribute this text around the office or to your client across town or the nation. Now that is an advantage, like having your own personal media research team at the smallest fraction of the cost.

Introducing Utah Newsearch

Utah Newsearch is the next-generation newspaper clipping service from Utah Press Association. It is like nothing you have ever seen before. Search 59 newspapers with a single query.
Download a high-quality Acrobat PDF file and print to your own printer. With the click of your mouse you can even order full sized broadsheet pages suitable for framing, and have them delivered to your business.
  • 1 Search
    Using Utah Newsearch is simple.
    Easy search by keyword or issue date
    in one newspaper, or all 59 in Utah.
  • 2 Choose
    Choose the results you’d like to view. At
    the speed of the Internet a PDF newspaper
    page file is downloaded to your desktop.
  • 3 Print
    Read the story electronically, print on your color printer, e-mail the story to co-workers or order a fullsized printed copy to be delivered to your address.
Take control

You can have full access searches to the finest newspapers in Utah. All at your finger tips 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Simply go online and try it out the demo at the Utah Newsearch login or call (801) 308-0268 for details.

Having Problems with Newsearch freezing up?

We can help. Adobe Reader 7.0 updater has changed some default settings that need to be reset. Check out the 'Windows Help' for more information.

Newsearch 2.0

Newsearch 2.0 is here. You may have noticed that the Newsearch interface has changed a bit. All the old functionality, plus some new exciting features. If you have any problems with the new interface, please give us a call. We have training classes every Wednesday at 9:00 am or can schedule a meeting at your office.