How to use Newsearch
System Requirements:
• PC Windows XP or 2000 using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
• Mac OS 10.3 using Safari
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0
• Web browser set to view pdf files instead of download them (see also Pop-up Blocker help under 'Windows Help' if the interface will not come up properly)
• Monitor resolution set to 1024 x 768

1.Open Internet Explorer
  • a. Go to the login screen here
  • b. Type in your e-mail address and password
  • c. Click 'Login' (hitting Enter will not work)
2.type desired search term into box ENTER YOUR SEARCH TERM
  • a. Search bar will change into a drop-down box.
  • b. Select desired search.

To Search by Date (Posted Dates, Specifid Dates or Date Ranges)
  • * Check "-Use Date Filter": (next to search button)
  • a. Select desired date search in "DATE FILTER SETTINGS:" (right column)
  • b. Click 'Search'

>>Posted Dates
  • *This is the date the paper was posted to the system, recommended for weekly searching
  • a. Select posted range(s).
  • b. Click 'Search'

>>Specific Dates
  • *Search by the date of the newspaper
  • a. Select specific month or leave All Months.
  • b. Select weekly range (1-7th, etc.), or leave All Days.
  • c. Select year if applicable
  • f. Click 'Search'

>>Date Ranges
  • *Search by date ranges of the newspaper by
  • a. Select both month ranges.
  • b. Select both weekly ranges (1-7th, etc.).
  • c. Select both years if applicable
  • f. Click 'Search'

3.If previews are desired check "Show Page Previews" under "GLOBAL OPTIONS:", to view preview hover mouse over desired Excerpt and the low-res image will load in center frame.

4.Click newspaper name or image to open pdf.

Note: To go back to previews, click Show SearchForm (Top Left)

If article began or continues on another page, while in document, click on the drop down menu with page number in it (Top Right). Select desired page. It will automatically go to the page you selected.

Print Options

To Print Page Click printer Icon (Top left of Acrobat Reader tool bar)
  • a. Select appropriate printer (It is best to print on legal size paper)
  • b. Click ok

To Print selection only

Select Graphic or Snapshot tool
Note: Icon looks like a camera or a square & circle. Your cursor will look like a +.
  • a. Drag a box around article to be printed (crop)
  • b. Right click inside selection
  • c. Click Print
  • d. Select printer
Note: Name and Date of paper will not print, only selection. Page will
print actual size.