Newsearch PC Help
Newsearch Interface lock ups and blank pages
Recently we have become aware of navigational problems while viewing the online edition of our newspaper. Tests have concluded that changes in the default settings of Adobe Acrobat have lead to lock ups, blank pages, etc. Although our process hasn't changed, Adobe Acrobat has and it disrupts our overall delivery process.

Please follow the below settings in Adobe Reader carefully. These changes should minimize or completely stop any navigational problems you have been experiencing.

If you continue to have problems please don't hesitate to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience that Adobe's changes may have caused you.

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Problem

Is Internet Explorer completely shuting down when you login to Newsearch?

This is actually not a problem, IE is working perfectly, it is just blocking a pop-up window like it is suppose to do, which happens to be the Newsearch Interface. Use the quick fix below to remedy the problem:

1) Open Internet Explorer > Go To Tools> Pop-up Blocker> Pop-up Blocker Settings

IE Pop-up Settings

2) Type in "" into the field 'Address of Web site to allow'

IE Pop-up Blocker

Yahoo Toolbar - Pop-up Blocker settings

If Pop-Up Blocker is blocking something you want to see, there are three ways to override it:

* Turn off Pop-Up Blocker by clicking the Pop-Up Blocker menu and unchecking Enable Pop-Up Blocker.
* Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking a link to override Pop-Up Blocker and allow any pop-up windows resulting from the click.
* Add the source of the pop-up window to your Allowed List by clicking the Pop-Up Blocker menu and selecting Always Allow Pop-Ups From.... Then select the site from the Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups list and click Allow.
Yahoo Toolbar

Google Toolbar - Pop-up Blocker settings

The Google Popup Blocker can be told to remember these sites so pop-up windows are allowed to launch.

To add a site to your whitelist, visit the site and press the Popup Blocker button. The button text will change to read "Allow site popups," indicating that the Popup Blocker is disabled on the site in question.

If you would like to remove a site from your whitelist, visit that site and click the Popup Blocker button. The button text will change to display the number of ads you've blocked. The changed text indicates that the site has been removed from your whitelist, and the Popup Blocker will resume activity on that site.

Please note that it is not possible to view or manually edit the whitelist. You can only add and remove sites from this list by toggling the Popup Blocker button on and off.

If the Popup Blocker is preventing a new window from opening, you can always let a new window open from a "blocked" site by holding down the Ctrl key while you click on a link.