Display Advertising
Statewide Ad Placement

Display Advertising Complete Statewide Advertising Network
at no additional charge to our clients

  • One Order
Send us one order for any number of newspapers. We will prepare insertion orders, package and e-mail materials.
  • One Bill
You receive one bill, itemized and supported by electronic tearsheets.

  • One Check
    You send us one check to cover all advertising costs.

"Utah Press Association Saves You Both Time and Money!"

ROP advertising – With only one order and one bill, your business can place advertising in one or all 57 Utah newspapers. Utah Press Association can handle all the insertions for you with one easy call, so you get one bill and pay with one check. It’s that simple. Statewide classified advertising – Reach more than 758,000 households in Utah with the statewide classified and 2x2 display advertising network. National classified placement is also available through Utah Press Association.